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Audition Prep – Other Services Available

The Audition Prep provides the unique opportunity to audition for major performing artists and bands in the MI Concert Hall. Previous artists include Rihanna, Nine Inch Nails, Cee-Lo Green, and other well-known artists.

  • Availability: Available to all current students and alumni
  • Sign up Process: 
    • Step 1: Attend a mandatory Audition Prep Workshop (held approximately twice a quater, details will be posted and emailed to students regularly)
    • Step 2: Participate in a “Mock Audition” where the musician’s performance will be evaluated (the auditioning performer can select the song and format of their performance).
    • Step 3: Performers will be contacted on an individualized basis after their audition regarding available opportunites.

Career Preparation Seminars

Career Development presents a variety of career-related workshops and seminars throughout the year. Students and alumni are encouraged to participate in as many programs as possible to enhance the career development process and make valuable industry connections.

  • Availability: Current MI students and eligibile alumni may attend workshops and seminars for free.
  • Sign up Process: 
    • Step 1: Contact Josephine in the Career Development office at (323) 860-1119 or at jjohansson@mi.edu. Or you can visit the Career Development office and sign-up on the clipboard sheet located near the front entrance.

Practical Skills Counselor

Career counseling gives you an opportunity to meet one on one with professionals that are directly involved in the music industry. This unique opportunity gives valuable insight and advice for your career preparation.  Career Counselors cover entertainment law, copyright, distribution, production, audio engineering, professional touring, songwriting, promotion, marketing, networking, guitar craft, film and more.

  • Availability: Current MI students and eligible alumni (alumni are limited to one guest counselor appointment per week, must reserve in advance). Skype sessions are available for current students or alumni whose commuting distance is two or more hours away.
  • Sign up Process: 
    • Step 1: Contact Josephine in the Career Development office at (323) 860-1119 or at jjohansson@mi.edu. Or you can visit the ACS office and sign-up on the clipboard sheet located near the front entrance of the ACS office.


The Career Development Internship Program allows you to gain first-hand experience within the music industry by interning for a music-related company. Positions vary according to availability but typically include music publishing, management, record labels, promotions and marketing as well as publishing and licensing.

  • Availability: Current MI students only. Internship opportunities are available as an elective class. The Music Business program includes the internship opportunity as a core class within the program. (In accordance with state and federal labor laws, unpaid internships are only available for students who are receiving credit from Musicians Institute and must enroll in an internship class).
  • Sign up Process: 
    • Step 1: Students must attend a mandatory workshop the quarter before they enroll in the elective internship program. An assessment test of the student’s computer skills, typing speed, and job interview questions will be given. Acceptance will be determined based on the student assessment test score, their class attendance, and their grades in class.

Industry Fairs

Career Development coordinates several career fairs each year to bring together students and employers within the music industry. MI job fairs give you the chance to meet face to face with prospective employers, participate in on-campus interviews and auditions, as well as attend informative industry related workshops and seminars.

  • Availability: Open to current students and eligibile alumni.

Resume Service

Gain assistance in the development of resumes, interview skills, cover letters and promotional material.

  • Availability: Open to current students and eligible alumni.

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